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Quality relationship counselling can help you resolve your relationship problems. Counselling sessions are confidential and our couple therapists are trained to help you resolve painful relationship patterns.

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Our associates are all members of professional associations which regulate marriage counsellor conduct. This means you benefit from relationship counselling which is based on high standards of professional training and ethical conduct.

On average our couples counsellors have over 10 years marriage counselling experience. We can help you book marriage counselling in Sydney or online with one easy call.

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Our couples counsellors participate in continuing education to stay at the forefront of their field. This means you benefit from a range of evidence-based treatments and expert marriage counselling knowledge.

Our unique matching service gives you a choice from qualified psychologists and marriage therapists across Sydney. Our staff will find out about your needs and help you book a service at a convenient time near your work or home.

Couple Counselling Psychologists

Are you looking for high quality couples counselling in Sydney?

We are a network of qualified and professionally registered psychologists, counsellors and psychotherapists with extensive experience supporting couples through a range of issues. We help with communication breakdown, infidelity, parenting, life transitions and more.

Every couple will experience difficult periods in their lives and relationship. In fact at least 20% of committed couples experience relationship distress at any one time (1)Bradbury, T.N., Fincham, F.D., & Beach, S.R.H. (2000). Research on the nature and determinants of marital satisfaction: A decade in review. Journal of Marriage and the Family, 62
(4), 964–980. doi:10.1111/j.1741-3737.2000.00964.x.
. Our therapists are trained to guide you through these challenges, to help you better understand each other’s needs and address conflict in more effective ways.

With qualified relationship counsellors at over 40 offices across Sydney we can help you find the right therapist today.

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Does Couple Counselling Work

Does relationship counselling work?

People often ask about the success rate of relationship counselling. In research conducted by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, well over 95 percent of clients said they would recommend relationship counselling to their friends and a similar number experienced an improvement in their emotional wellbeing (2)

Couples counselling helps to improve relationship satisfaction and fulfilment and these changes are maintained over time (3) Couples learn how to remove the stress from recurring fights and how to have freer more open communication, they learn conflict resolution skills and develop a deeper understanding of each other’s needs and values. Professional relationship and marriage counsellors are trained to help you build vital relationship skills and support you to get to the root of recurring arguments and pain points.

Couples therapy improves symptoms of depression in individual partners (4) and is effective in helping couples where one partner has a history of trauma(5)

If you are trying to save your marriage, prevent small problems getting bigger or end a relationship as peacefully and respectfully as possible call us. Our relationship therapists can support you through the process.

Our relationship and marriage counsellors do not take sides. Instead, they help you gain clarity of each other’s needs, resolve underlying issues and build the type of relationship you both want. We view your relationship as the client and work to promote the health of your relationship.

Common Relationship Issues

Common relationship issues

Every relationship is unique but studies show that certain issues and challenges often arise when two people’s lives are intertwined (6) As relationship experts, we are knowledgable about the common issues which bring couples to counselling. These are just some of the issues we can help with.

  • Communication difficulties
  • Frequent arguments
  • Feeling disconnected or drifting apart
  • Different expectations or values
  • Infidelity or affairs
  • Financial stress or career pressures
  • Conflict about drug or alcohol use
  • Conflict about children or extended family
  • Loss of desire or mismatched sexual needs
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Disagreements about parenting style
  • Unfulfilled emotional needs, feeling neglected or hurt
  • Insecurity, trust issues and jealousy

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How Marriage Counselling works

How couples counselling works

It’s important to understand that therapy is not a quick fix, but counselling can help turn relationships around, even if they are under significant stress. Couple counselling is a process that requires work from both members of the couple, although it is common for one partner to be more motivated to come to counselling than the other partner.

What does relationship and marriage counselling cost?

On average, our fees are between $180-$220 per 55-minute session, with some therapists offering longer sessions (up to 90-minutes) for a higher fee. In some circumstances, rebates may be available from your private health insurer if you have the relevant extras cover. You will need to confirm this with your insurer.

If you’re looking for subsidised or free counselling, organisations like Relationships Australia or Uniting Care might be able to help. Generally, relationship and marriage counselling is not free and any lower cost options tend to have long waiting lists.

Please note, Medicare does not cover couples counselling.

How do we prepare for couples counselling?

You don’t need to bring anything to your first couples counselling session or prepare in any specific way. Some couples will discuss the areas they want to work on or what they hope to get out of therapy prior to their first session but this isn’t essential. After you first session, some therapists might provide tasks for you to do at home before your next session.[/su_spoiler]

What happens in the first therapy session?

In the first session, your therapist will then take some time getting to know you, gathering information about your relationship history, family histories and the issues that brought you to counselling. The first session is very much focused on gathering and providing information so expectations are clear and the therapist can develop a deeper understanding of your background and concerns. They will also go over the boundaries and ground rules of counselling, including confidentiality, situations in which mandatory reporting is necessary (for example, in cases of child abuse), the methodologies used by the therapist and the cancellation policy.[/su_spoiler]

How many sessions are required?

There is no set number of sessions required for relationship therapy, but there are two main patterns. Many couples benefit from 2-3 sessions where issues are quickly brought to the surface and clarified. Other couples work for around 6 -12 sessions, or more.  This tends to depend on the depth of the issues you want to resolve, the motivation of each member of the couple and the approach used by the therapist. Generally speaking, therapy can be very effective anywhere from 3 sessions or more sessions.

How often do we need to come to therapy?

Most couples will often attend weekly at first and then drop back to fortnightly or monthly once they have made significant progress.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are usually 55-minutes in length. Some therapists find that better progress is made with longer sessions. They may offer you the option to have extended sessions which is usually 90-minutes.[/su_spoiler]

What if my partner doesn’t want to come to counselling with me?

If your partner is just a bit apprehensive about therapy, talk to them about their concerns. Usually one partner is more enthusiastic about attending therapy than the other. This is normal. For many people the idea of revealing personal things in front of a stranger is daunting. Some people are also afraid that the therapist might take sides or criticise them. Reassure your partner that this isn’t the case. A professional relationship therapist will remain neutral and provide an open, safe and confidential space to help you work together for the benefit of your relationship.

While it’s ideal to attend couples counselling together, if one partner refuses to attend it is still worth seeking relationship help individually. You can gain useful skills in communication and conflict resolution that you can use to improve your relationship. Or you might gain a better understanding of your needs and how to express them.

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Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors Sydney was formed to help couples like you recover from relationship distress. We are here to serve you and your family with immediate access to highly trained relationship specialists. Our vision is to offer expert marriage counselling across NSW.

Our Associates are represented across Sydney including the Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney, North Shore, North Sydney and the Central Coast. We continue to promote excellence in the fields of relationship and couple counselling.



Our Associates come from a variety of backgrounds and work from a number best-practice models. Relationship counsellors do not advocate for either party, nor do they always aim to keep a relationship together. Our Associates generally work with you and your partner to improve your intimacy and communication to enable you to make better decisions for your relationship.

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We believe that relationship counselling offers a supportive and safe environment where you can learn new ways of communicating and representing your needs in your relationship. When you and your partner learn new ways of talking about what you need in a non-aggressive way and when you learn to also truly listen to your partner's point of view, your relationship is given it's best chance at growth. Couple's tend to notice a rekindling of love and satisfaction. Many couples develop a strengthened bond with a renewed sense of optimism and greater resilience with which to meet future challenges.

No relationship stays the same; but with greater skill and understanding, your relationships can become strengthened as you grow to adapt to life's challenges. If you feel that your relationship has moved from a state of cooperation and enjoyment of each other, to a stalemate characterised by conflict or loss of desire, call us today to experience the benefits therapy can offer.

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(4), 964–980. doi:10.1111/j.1741-3737.2000.00964.x.
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