Marriage & Relationship Counselling Sydney

Our counsellors are trained professionals who can help you and your partner resolve relationship problems.

Our mission statement is to help couples achieve a satisfying relationship.
Our counsellors are members of professional counselling associations, bound by professional codes of conduct, ethics and a high standard of professional training.

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Your inquiry will be answered by our trained intake staff who can answer your questions about relationship counselling. We can immediately make a booking for you at one of our branches in Sydney, Wollongong or the Central Coast. A medical referral is not required. You can also initiate a call back by leaving your details on our bookings page.


Our therapists work from offices spanning the CBD, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Western Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, the North Shore and the Hills District including:

To book a consultation for you and your partner or just for yourself call us on Tel: (02) 8002 1020



Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors Sydney was formed to help couples like you recover from relationship distress. We are here to serve you and your family with immediate access to highly trained relationship specialists. Our vision is to offer expert marriage counselling across NSW.

Our Associates are represented across Sydney including the Eastern Suburbs, Sutherland Shire, Sydney CBD, Inner West, Western Sydney, North Shore, North Sydney and the Central Coast. We continue to promote excellence in the fields of relationship and couple counselling.



Our Associates come from a variety of backgrounds and work from a number best-practice models. Generally speaking, relationship counsellors do not advocate for either party, nor do they always aim to keep a relationship together. Our Associates generally work with you and your partner to improve your intimacy and communication.

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We believe that relationship counselling offers a supportive and safe environment where you can learn new ways of communicating and representing your needs in your relationship. When you and your partner learn new ways of talking about what you need in a non-aggressive way and when you learn to also truly listen to your partner’s point of view, your relationship is given it’s best chance at growth. Couple’s tend to notice a rekindling of love and satisfaction. Many couples develop a strengthened bond with a renewed sense of optimism and greater resilience with which to meet future challenges.

No relationship stays the same; but with greater skill and understanding, your relationships can become strengthened as you grow to adapt to life’s challenges. If you feel that your relationship has moved from a state of cooperation and enjoyment of each other, to a stalemate characterised by conflict or loss of desire, call us today to experience the benefits therapy can offer.

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors Sydney

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