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Relationships can be difficult at the best of times, let alone in the current climate. If you and your partner need support, we’re here to help. 

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors connects you with the best online relationship counsellor for your needs — no matter where in Australia you live.

Call us for a chat and we’ll match you with suitable practitioners from our network who offer online services.

Connecting with an online relationship counsellor is easy

  1. Pick up the phone and call us. Tell a member of our friendly and compassionate team about your unique relationship situation and needs.
  2. We’ll review your needs and your availability. Then we’ll offer you several options from our network of highly experienced and accredited online relationship counsellors.
  3. Let us know which relationship counsellor you’d like to work with and we’ll make a booking and send you all the details for your first online session.


Associate Relationship & Marriage Counsellors works with an extensive network of professional counsellors. All are pre-vetted, accredited, and experienced in working with couples. Our unique matching service pairs you with online counsellors who can:

  • Help you work through any relationship conflict
  • Help you navigate a difficult patch
  • Help you rekindle the intimacy and spark
  • Help you learn better communication strategies
  • Help you rediscover your love for one another

Why choose online relationship counselling?

Because online couples counselling is convenient and removes barriers.

It means giving your relationship the care it deserves, even if personal circumstances make traditional, face-to-face couples counselling difficult.

Perhaps one or both of you can’t travel to appointments for any reason, or you live in a very remote part of Australia. Perhaps children and busy schedules make it next to impossible to find time during your 9-5 to attend counselling sessions. Perhaps you or your partner find in-person counselling too confronting.

With online relationship counselling, you have options. We can pair you with a practitioner who offers after-hours sessions at a time that suits you both, all from the comfort of your own home.

If you have questions, please get in touch. We’re happy to discuss whether remote couples counselling is right for you and your partner.

Online relationship counselling is for everyone

There’s a common misconception that relationship counselling is only for couples who have been together for years. But in truth, all relationships can benefit from counselling, no matter the length.

You wouldn’t build a house without a solid foundation, and it’s much the same in relationships. Small interpersonal conflicts are like cracks, if not addressed they can erode your foundation, even if there is plenty of love present.

Likewise, relationship counselling is for people and couples of all genders and sexualities. Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors works with therapists who embrace diversity in all its forms and have experience helping LGBTQIA+ couples.

All relationships are special and different, and in all relationships, extra support when needed is a good idea. Call us today to discuss how we can help.

Online relationship counselling is effective

Asking for help is hard, and asking for help with your relationships can feel even harder. Many people believe that online counselling isn’t as effective as in-person sessions and so, despite barriers to traditional therapy, don’t give their relationship the extra care it needs.

But research suggests otherwise. For example, a Frontiers in Psychology paper found that couples participating in online counselling “consistently” reported positive experiences and noted that they could properly connect with their counsellor.

In addition, there is a wealth of scientific research indicating that online counselling for individuals has similar therapeutic outcomes as face-to-face sessions.

Anecdotal evidence also shows that online relationship counselling has a positive effect on relationships. We’ve helped hundreds of couples get their relationships back on track, and we can pair you with a counsellor who can do the same for your relationship.

Chat to a member of our team today and let us help you take that first step.

Better relationships start here

You can be happier in your relationship, communicate better, and resolve conflicts. You can build healthier relationships. It all starts with the right counsellor for your unique situation.

Online relationship counselling is convenient, effective, and available Australia wide.
Let us know what’s going on and we’ll provide you with the option of several highly experienced practitioners who match your needs.

Call us today and take the first step towards better relationships.

A breakdown in my relationship led me to find some online counselling during the craziness of the pandemic. I was happy with how quickly and effectively Associated Relationship Counselors found what we were looking for and I believe they did a great job at matching my partner and me with a counsellor. I like that all registered counsellors are accredited and vouched for so I didn’t need to worry about the qualifications of any of them.

Kevin V. April 7, 2022

I’m not usually one to write reviews but Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors was so helpful I felt I had to. I travel a lot for work has brought challenges to my relationship.  Also... to finding a counsellor who could accommodate us.

Couple Counseling knew exactly what we needed and wasted no time in helping us. The process was quick and easy and we quickly were matched with a great counsellor. We could even do couple counselling, online, with my husband and me in different locations.

Jonathan D. April 7, 2022

Depression has only recently started to affect me on a regular basis and I didn’t know where to start when it comes to finding a counsellor. Did I need personal counselling?  Was marriage counselling more appropriate?

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors answered every question I had and ensured with a quick call and matched with the best person for me for some individual counselling, but also with the possibility of adding in some couples counselling later. I have yet to start counselling but the professionalism and process of the team has given me a lot of confidence in their abilities.

Annie W. April 7, 2022

I have had to find myself and others counsellors over the years and it is never an enjoyable experience. It is hard to see if they are a good match and often you waste a lot of time. For me, Couple Counseling changed all of that. A quick phone consultation and a form are all they needed to match me with a capable counsellor. I am seriously impressed by the team behind Couple Counseling and how quickly they managed to do their job. I now recommend them to any friends looking to find counsellors.

Evan K. April 7, 2022

I am a full-time mum of 4 under 5 and to say I'm strapped for time is an understatement. I have no time to leave the house and take my husband and me to therapy. A friend recommended I try Associated Relationship Counsellors. I am so glad we did. Within the same day, they had spoken to us, matched us with a counsellor, and I had booked a zoom call for the first session. I felt the person helping us asked all the right questions to ensure we were well matched to the counsellor and I am hopeful for change.

Leonie W. April 7, 2022

I have a newborn and am high risk, so I don’t leave the house very often. Weeks of fighting had become months.  My husband agree to counselling but thought it would be safer for us if we found online counselling instead of in person.  We contacted Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors to help us find the right one.  Finding a matching counsellor was easy with their help.

Sascha N. April 7, 2022

I try to avoid going to public places since Covid and wanted a counsellor online for my partner and I. Couple Counselling recommended us as the perfect person and we were having online therapy sessions in days. The entire process was so easy, a phone call, a form, and that was it.  Our first appointment is tomorrow, fingers crossed its a new beginning.

Miles M. April 7, 2022

There have been many changes in the last couple of years and I have definitely been feeling it, and so has my partner. We are both high risk and can’t leave our home and Couple Counselling made sure to accommodate this when matching us with a counsellor. The process was super easy and the questions they asked made me feel they really did care about matching us with the right person. Instead of trialling sessions and spending hours trying to find someone right for us, these guys did it in days. Considering what's happening with covid, having a service like Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors was the perfect way to make sure we stayed safe.

Caleb R. April 7, 2022

Online counselling FAQs

If you have questions about online counselling and working with a counsellor online, please take a look at the FAQs below.

  • Can I do online relationship counselling alone?

    Yes. Working with a counsellor can benefit your relationship, even if you see them alone. A counsellor can help you develop the communication skills and strategies needed for healthy relationships. They can also help you process complicated emotions, navigate rough patches, and develop healthy boundaries.

    Note that many relationship counsellors won’t see one partner alone if they are already seeing the couple together. In these cases, you can always seek a separate counsellor.

  • What type of therapy do I need for relationship problems?

    Relationship counselling, whether online or in person, is the best way to address and overcome relationship issues. In relationship counselling, your therapist will ask about the main problems in the relationship, and which issues are causing each partner the most stress.

    A dedicated couples counsellor can help you both work through common relationship problems, including financial concerns, intimacy issues, communication, and conflicts in parenting styles.

  • Will a couples therapist see the husband and wife separately?

    It depends. Different counsellors have differing views on this. Some may prioritise seeing each partner separately early on in counselling while others view the couple itself as the client and prefer to always see both partners together.

    Other counsellors still may see each partner independently for a longer period of time before working with the couple together.

  • Is online couples counselling right for me and my partner?

    Online relationship counselling is an excellent choice when:

    • You and your partner live in different regions or states or one partner works away frequently
    • One partner doesn’t feel comfortable attending counselling sessions in person
    • You live in a remote region where there are no in-person support options
    • Your schedules are both very busy and you only have time for counselling after business hours

    Many of the counsellors Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors works with are available for evening sessions. Please contact us if you’d like more information.

  • What is online couples therapy?

    Dedicated relationship support that’s delivered online via Skype or another video conferencing software. Online couples counselling is no different to in-person counselling. With your help, your counsellor will identify any problems or issues in the relationship, and help you both navigate and overcome these.

    Counselling is an excellent way to build healthier relationships, understand each other better, and learn good communication strategies.

  • Does online relationship counselling actually work?

    >Yes. Online counselling for couples is an effective way to work through any problems in the relationship. According to the American Psychological Association, relationship counselling that follows an emotionally focused model is roughly 70 to 75% effective with 90% of couples showing significant improvements.

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