Privacy Policy

Our full privacy policy and information on how your personal information is collected and retained by us, and for what purpose, is available by emailing us at info[at]

Your privacy is important to us.

Information Management Consent

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors provides associate clinicians with administrative and commercial services. In providing these services you acknowledge that Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors will be provided with or may have access to information about your attendances, cancellations, payment of fees (including copies of receipts provided to you), your referring Doctor’s details (if applicable) and any other information to enable the administration of the commercial contract between Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors and the associated clinician who is providing your clinical service.

Any such information will be kept confidential by ACPS except in the circumstances outlined herein. Any information you provided directly toAssociated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors will have been forwarded to the associated clinician (unless you instructed us otherwise).

If you provide your clinician with a Doctor’s referral or if you are referred by a third party such as an employer,Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors may contact your referrer to provide them with information onAssociated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors’ services. Where a third party is covering the costs of your clinical care,Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors may inform them of your record of attendance for billing purposes.

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors may also handle administrative or clinical correspondence between the clinician you are seeing and any third party referrers (including Doctors).

Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors may contact you during or upon completion of your treatment to undertake administrative or quality assurance activities.

If you have a complaint about how your personal information has been handled by Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors, please contact our office:

The Director
Associated Relationship & Marriage Counsellors
Suite 704, 9-13 Bronte Road,
Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Or call (02)8002 1020 and ask for one of our Directors

If your complaint relates to the way in which your therapist has managed any information collected and or retained by them, please contact your counsellor directly for a copy of their Privacy Policy and Complaints Procedure.

You can also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

We are a registered business in NSW BN98354709


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