Give your relationship a check-up this Valentine’s Day.

The personal expectations associated with Valentine’s Day can put a lot of additional pressure on couples who are already struggling with their relationship.
Instead of dreading the 14th, why not use it as an opportunity to make some positive changes and get your relationship back on track.
Most of us maintain our dental and physical health with regular visits to the dentist and doctor to prevent illness. Why not give your relationship the same care with a visit to a couples counsellor?
If you feel like you’re not as emotionally connected as you were, or you’re having recurring arguments, an expensive dinner out and a bunch of roses ain’t going to fix it. Or at least it won’t be an effective, long-lasting solution. That’s because there’s no quick fix for issues that have developed over time. Indeed, the longer such problems are left unattended, the harder you have to work to reverse them.
Couples who seek therapy sooner rather than later, before the repeated patterns of distress become ingrained into the DNA of the relationship, are more easily able to restore their bond and reduce conflict. Counsellors reason that this is because such couples are more able to draw upon recent memories of the good times they’ve shared together, and in turn, recall the love and respect that you have for each other.
In the lead up to Valentine’s Day why not take a moment to consider the health of your relationship. If you think there is room for improvement, contact us on (02) 8002 1020 to organise a relationship check-up with one of our experienced couples counsellors.


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