Supporting your relationship during COVID-19 quarantine

Our director Dan Auerbach recently commented in an article by The Latch’s Katie Shelley, published on 27 February 2020. We’ve included a full transcript of the article, including Dan’s advice, below. Couples: Here’s your Guide to Surviving Isolation without Breaking Up In an effort to flatten the curve and reduce the number of COVID-19 cases… Continue reading Supporting your relationship during COVID-19 quarantine

Emotionally Focused Therapy

For our final blog entry in the series on couples counselling approaches we’ll be examining Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT). This type of therapy is based on theories of adult attachment and bonding. It aims to increase security, closeness and connection in intimate relationships. History Developed in Canada during the 1980’s by Psychologist Dr. Sue… Continue reading Emotionally Focused Therapy

Family Systems Therapy

Families are complex, dynamic, interdependent systems. Each member cannot be fully understood in isolation because the family is an interconnected emotional unit. This is the underlying premise behind Family Systems Therapy. In this blog entry we will continue to explore the different types of methodologies used by relationship counsellors, by focusing on Family Systems Therapy.… Continue reading Family Systems Therapy

The Gottman Approach

Not all practitioners use the same methods in their approach to therapy. When choosing a couples counsellor, it can be useful to understand the different types of methods that exist. All approaches can be effective, however, one may be more appealing or more suitable for you and your partner, depending on your situation. With that… Continue reading The Gottman Approach

Good communication isn't easy

Communication issues are one of the most common problems faced by couples. It’s no surprise that the inability to converse effectively with your partner leads to an unhappy relationship, but why is it so hard? We talk to people everyday, be it at work, or at dinner with friends, even with our local grocer, so… Continue reading Good communication isn't easy

Sustaining Desire

“I want to be your fantasy; Maybe you could be mine” Prince, Kiss 1986 Sustaining desire is easier said than done. The sense of mystery and excitement that we felt at the beginning of our relationship can be hard to hold on to. Often, what we want is what we feel like we used to… Continue reading Sustaining Desire


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